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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay, so there is such a thing called a pouch address but i guess we dont use it here. The address i gave you is the address you have to use. I think it has something to do with everyone transfering alot and packages are really easily confused. I dont know if that made sense but it did in my head. (also just a little tip, it doesnt happen very often but sometimes people get into the packages and take stuff, but people here are relly religious and if you put a sticker of Jesus or Deus on the package they wont touch it or get into it) I thought that was funny haha.

Anyways, it was way great to see all of you yesterday! That was truly the best present ever! Earlier that day i was sad because i woke up and none of you were around so i stood up and closed my eyes and pictured myself in the middle of the livingroom and could see all of you running around the house getting things ready for santa and dinner and all the stuff. Its really comforting to use your imagination here haha.

I make a list of things that happened during the week that i want to tell you or just random little things, some of them are from the week before because i forgot meu caderno last week. So ill start with that stuff:

Last week was interesting i dont really remember much but what i wrote down was about the dinner with the Mission President for christmas with everyone in the Zone that could make it. It was awesome! I got to see some Elders that i havnt seen since we departed and we had a bunch of food and music. It was all in portuguese so i could understand really what they were saying or what the video we watched was about but it was a great experience. After the dinner what a different story haha. After the dinner it was too late to ride the bus back to Anapolise so we stayed in another Elders apartment. It was good but crawded a little bit. Everything was awesome until we had to go to bed. They didnt tell us that we needed to bring bedding so i slept on only a twin sized matress. No sheets, pillows, blankets, or anything. I felt like a prisoner hahaha. Luckly it was warmish that night so i didnt really need any of it. Thats my little story about that.

This week was descent. Nothing really different but learning very slowly new words and more about the gospel. Our christmass dinner was kind of a fail. We went to the store, bought oreo cookie type things, a chocolate bread thing, chocolate milk and ice cream. Great christmas dinner huh!? We are having a great time and i feel like sometimes my companheiro gets frustrated with me at times because my memory with words and other things is really bad so he has to repeat himself alot. My bad. 

Things i want you to do. WRITE more letters, and send them in packages or at the end of each week or month just have everyone write a letter and send them to me. Emails are great but letters just are so much better to read and have with me. I was trying to send pictures over this email, but i wasnt able to because these computers dont have the right insert thing. I really want to send pictures home so i can have more room on my camera so i wll figure out how to do that. I hope you all had a great christmas and i want you to tell me what everyone got. I got a shirt and M&Ms from some people! Great stuff.

This week we also got one of our investigators to come to church with his wife! It was good because the bishops son (i think) had his farewell talk and it was christmas so it was only an hour. Interesting. Also today monday, has been really weird. Its our pday, and we woke up, showered, made food, and all that good stuff. During this time, it was beautiful outside. Birds singing, sunny, and warm. Within 15 minutes when i was doing my laundry, it turned from that beautifulness to the biggest rainstorm weve had since ive been here. Lightning every minute, raining like crazy, and a little windy. It was crazy! I might need to buy a bigger guarda-chuva. The lightning sounds like a bomb because its soo close. Intense!

I also have a little thing for quotes that i keep, and i will write a few of them. (also continue to send me some because i really like them.)

-´´The Lord take raw materials, shapes them, and makes great things out of them.´´ -Joseph Smith
-´´Heavenly Father know WHERE I am.´´ -Unknown ( I really like this one because i know that he knows where i am with the language, the gospel, what i need, and where i need to be and learn)
One of my favorites that i quote all the time -´´Dont worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna´ be alright.´´ -Bob Marley ( I sing it all the time, i get his songs stuck in my head)

Well, i dont remember how much time ive used up so im going to go now. Im glad that you like how long the letters are because i dont really have much to say i just keep typing untill my time is up so if i say random things, thats because im typing and i dont have anything to say at that moment. 

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas!! I will talk with you again through skype on mothers day!! Cant wait for that day!
That reminds me, when my companeihro was speaking to his family it was halarious because his english was really slow and he kept talking in portuguese on accident because he only thinks in portuguese now. I hope by mothers day i have issues speaking in ingles with you!!

Tchau! Elder Cain

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