Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay so this is actually the first letter that ive been able to send because i didnt have anyone email. Dumb, i know. Anyways your story was halarious and i feel bad for that whole situation! hahaha. And that is soo sick that you learned all of that, youll be so good when i come back we can tumble together and it will be awsome. Oh and i have to type this fast because  im suppose to be doing a lesson but i havnt been able to send a single email the entire time ive been here, so if i make alot of mistakes, that because i didnt care to go back and change them.. Your wisdom teeth are getting pulled a manha, thats terrible. Disculpe. As for the tree situation, i cant walk that far so any tree in between the parking lot and the round building would be great. we walk on the trail that goes on the other side by the field. the best time to put something there would be mondays before 9 cause thats when we go to the temple. anyways, there have been alot of interesting things that happen here. i pretty much molested a foreigner cause he was holding up a skeleton and his tie went through the hip bone part so it was stivking out, and i go to fondle his tie, not knowing it was right next to his crotch and he was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Thats was pretty embarrassing but were all good now.
So there were a few things i wanted you to do but i cant really rememeber them. I need you to send me my moms email. and also sent me some addresses from friends like dalton and jovi and them cause i dont have them. im sure you can find that all through facebook, or asking. Also my teachers are awesome and if you want to try to find them, the irmao nome es logan paulich, he goes to BYU and he teaches for the MTC of course. He is soo cool, i feel like at the end of each class i can call him up and hang out but thats not the case haha. Anyways, i hope you girls are having a great time at BYU and tell them to send me some dear elder letters! or a care package with a bunch of random stuff in it haha.
Well, i should probably go, the most important thing is to get my moms email... so yeah. voce tenta.

p.s i feel like i suck at portuguese but i guess ill learn it over two years. were doing a thing called SYL today which we can only speak in portuguese and ive just been quuite most the day cause i dont know any words!! I just know how to give lessons in portuguese and even that is pretty hard. Anyways, i hope to talk with you guys again!! Love you all! (also im super jealous Prez. Monson gave a talk at BYU, luckies!

Elder Cain

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