Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay, so mom, dont worry about sending me anything right now and i dont remember my ring size sorry. It probably is the same size as Chris's. Anyways, dont send me anything cause i got my VISA and im going to Brazil tomorrow morning!! Im freaking out but if all else fails, i have the warm weather. I dont know if you got the package i sent home, but it was just a bunch of extra stuff i didnt really need and took up room in my suitcases.
Anyways, im not really sure what to talk about, cause i get to call you today sometime, i wasnt able to do it yesterday, so your work number will probably be best huh..
The story about grandma and that guy is really funny and i love it when stories come in about the most random things.
Gina, im sorry, you know soo many boys, i dont know how you deal with it! Thats exciting that your meeting more people though, how is college going? Also thanks so much for the christmas gift! It was awesome! I didnt know if i should send it home so it wouldnt get ruined but i figured i could take it with me so it could have a little adventure.
I actually doing have that much to talk about... Sorry! The classes were going great, my new companions are awesome (even though i had them for about a week before) but its great!! Probably my favorite companionship. The language is going, i know i shouldnt worry about it cause it will come but its always in the bask of my head, but i guess thats so i keep working diligently. We had some AWESOME talks for the fireside yesterday and it was exactly what i needed to here. at the end of the day, i reflected on why i was here and it was sooo apparent that i was needed to here the things that they said before i left and not only that but my entire experience here is the greatest. My teachers could never be better and it was kind of sad to think that i wouldnt see them for awhile. Thats okay though cause they get to deal with more loco's and more punks :).
Well, continue to send me letters, i love it! I hope you guys are having a great time at home and i think you send send links of pictures of the new house to me... not sure. Sorry i dont know the ring size but its whatever. I will continue to grow and learn and im super stoked to meet so many new people and brazilians!
Logan, eu quero tantar escriver em portugues, mas minha abilidade de soletrar es muito mal. Entao, eu presciso sua ajuda! Eu vou praticar todos dias para que eu puder estar melhor come portugues. eu sei que eu no fale muito bem, e tentano es muito mal, mas eu vou estar melhor. Voce vi probablement "laugh" a isto.... Im glad i can entertain you! Hahaha.
Tchau everyone! I hope your having a great time! I know i am.
Love Elder Cain.

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