Elder Marcus Cain

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay, so there is such a thing called a pouch address but i guess we dont use it here. The address i gave you is the address you have to use. I think it has something to do with everyone transfering alot and packages are really easily confused. I dont know if that made sense but it did in my head. (also just a little tip, it doesnt happen very often but sometimes people get into the packages and take stuff, but people here are relly religious and if you put a sticker of Jesus or Deus on the package they wont touch it or get into it) I thought that was funny haha.

Anyways, it was way great to see all of you yesterday! That was truly the best present ever! Earlier that day i was sad because i woke up and none of you were around so i stood up and closed my eyes and pictured myself in the middle of the livingroom and could see all of you running around the house getting things ready for santa and dinner and all the stuff. Its really comforting to use your imagination here haha.

I make a list of things that happened during the week that i want to tell you or just random little things, some of them are from the week before because i forgot meu caderno last week. So ill start with that stuff:

Last week was interesting i dont really remember much but what i wrote down was about the dinner with the Mission President for christmas with everyone in the Zone that could make it. It was awesome! I got to see some Elders that i havnt seen since we departed and we had a bunch of food and music. It was all in portuguese so i could understand really what they were saying or what the video we watched was about but it was a great experience. After the dinner what a different story haha. After the dinner it was too late to ride the bus back to Anapolise so we stayed in another Elders apartment. It was good but crawded a little bit. Everything was awesome until we had to go to bed. They didnt tell us that we needed to bring bedding so i slept on only a twin sized matress. No sheets, pillows, blankets, or anything. I felt like a prisoner hahaha. Luckly it was warmish that night so i didnt really need any of it. Thats my little story about that.

This week was descent. Nothing really different but learning very slowly new words and more about the gospel. Our christmass dinner was kind of a fail. We went to the store, bought oreo cookie type things, a chocolate bread thing, chocolate milk and ice cream. Great christmas dinner huh!? We are having a great time and i feel like sometimes my companheiro gets frustrated with me at times because my memory with words and other things is really bad so he has to repeat himself alot. My bad. 

Things i want you to do. WRITE more letters, and send them in packages or at the end of each week or month just have everyone write a letter and send them to me. Emails are great but letters just are so much better to read and have with me. I was trying to send pictures over this email, but i wasnt able to because these computers dont have the right insert thing. I really want to send pictures home so i can have more room on my camera so i wll figure out how to do that. I hope you all had a great christmas and i want you to tell me what everyone got. I got a shirt and M&Ms from some people! Great stuff.

This week we also got one of our investigators to come to church with his wife! It was good because the bishops son (i think) had his farewell talk and it was christmas so it was only an hour. Interesting. Also today monday, has been really weird. Its our pday, and we woke up, showered, made food, and all that good stuff. During this time, it was beautiful outside. Birds singing, sunny, and warm. Within 15 minutes when i was doing my laundry, it turned from that beautifulness to the biggest rainstorm weve had since ive been here. Lightning every minute, raining like crazy, and a little windy. It was crazy! I might need to buy a bigger guarda-chuva. The lightning sounds like a bomb because its soo close. Intense!

I also have a little thing for quotes that i keep, and i will write a few of them. (also continue to send me some because i really like them.)

-´´The Lord take raw materials, shapes them, and makes great things out of them.´´ -Joseph Smith
-´´Heavenly Father know WHERE I am.´´ -Unknown ( I really like this one because i know that he knows where i am with the language, the gospel, what i need, and where i need to be and learn)
One of my favorites that i quote all the time -´´Dont worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna´ be alright.´´ -Bob Marley ( I sing it all the time, i get his songs stuck in my head)

Well, i dont remember how much time ive used up so im going to go now. Im glad that you like how long the letters are because i dont really have much to say i just keep typing untill my time is up so if i say random things, thats because im typing and i dont have anything to say at that moment. 

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas!! I will talk with you again through skype on mothers day!! Cant wait for that day!
That reminds me, when my companeihro was speaking to his family it was halarious because his english was really slow and he kept talking in portuguese on accident because he only thinks in portuguese now. I hope by mothers day i have issues speaking in ingles with you!!

Tchau! Elder Cain

Monday, December 19, 2011


I am sooo sorry that i wasnt able to call. They wouldnt let me call at the MTC because they said i already sent you an email. I did buy a calling card but the phone at the airport took all my minutes and it didnt work so i wasnt able to call.

Also, for christmas, i get to skype on christmas around  pm your time. It will probably be around 2 or so my time. You need to make an account and have gine or someone help you do this RIGHT AWAY. I think it may be the only way i can contact you on christmas. I will be on my companions account because i didnt make one (sorry i didnt know we could skype) and so you need to add him as a friend or whatever you do. Gina knows what to do i think. If not, you guys are smart and can figure it out.

The account is
User name:

Brasil is crazy! i dont know how to say anything and everyone is talking sooo fast. It is scary for sure but i know that the lord will help and never leave me alone. Not only is this the toughest thing i have ever done but i have to really on my faith and i have to have faith to help me through every single day. Days i feel like giving up, i just say to myself, have faith and the lord will take care of the rest. I dont know how many times ive had to say that to myself but it works.

I can only read and write in portuguese here so when i read the scriptures i dont really understand what its saying so i cant really use those to help lift my spirits. I think im going to read a tiny bit in ingles because i need to rely on the scriptures and i cant so that if i dont know what the scriptures say hahaha.

Brasil is very different and the living is hard. its very hard when our power has gone out too. Our showers are freesing and we have to study with one flashlight. I havent been able to wash my clothes so they smell a little bit. Oh and apperently you cant flush your toilet paper. Muito strange. Anyways, you dont have to worry about any of that because im not. The church wouldnt give us living conditions we wouldnt be able to survive with hahaha.

The people here are great escpecially the memebers, i can actually understand them the best and its very conforting when i can understand what they are saying. Im learning new words every day and i feel dumb everyday but thats how i learn hahaha. Teaching is a different experience too cause i dont realy know how to talk that much right now. It will come with time.

I would love to have the email adresses of all my friends and people that i have emails for because i can only write letters to respond to people other than family. Entao, conversation with them will be long and slow but thats okay, you have my emails to look forward too.

My companions name is elder deurst and he has been here for about 6 and a half months, so im hoping i can be like him and say whatever i want to say in portuguese by then. I would probably die without him so i am sooo greatfull for my companion haha. He knows exactly what to do and what to teach. He is a great example to look up to.

Im not really sure what i want to say or what i need to say but i have like 10 minutes left so i will keep typing until i cant type anymore. That reminds me, you should list off questions you want me to answere cause i have no idea what you want to hear about or what i have already written cause i dont have time to look back at emails or anything.

Oh for packages and cartas you send them to this address:

Elder Marcus Cain
Brazil Goiañia Missão
Rua 18 NO. 110, Ed Buissiness Center, Salas 1105-1107
Sestos Oeste
CEF: 74120-080

I am looking forward to everyones letters because you have no idea how uplifting they are. I need letters :)

I am soo happy to hear that the family is doing great and what everyone is doing right now. Its great to hear about everyone and i am continuing tohave all my family in friends in my prayers. I know as i do the lord work he will help bless me and my family. Keep going strong and i will continue to try my hardest. Its a HUGE relief to know that you will be able to get this email today so you dont have to worry about whether im okay or not. Im okay. I actually started tearing up because when i rad your email i could feel the tension of not being able to hear from me. Thats why its very important that i can talk with you on christmas Please make an account and if you need to sit by the computer for awhile untill the account pops up. Please do.

Things i want you to send. I know i said dont send food but thats because we ate constantly at the MTC.
I want you to send food!!! Types of food i would like.
Food that doesnt mold or get gross while traveling.
i like pop tarts
And whatever types of snacks that would be good to have.

The snacks here are very interesting and kind of cost alot. The meals, definitely almoço is the best!!!

Anyways, i cant wait for the next time i can email, its a huge reliefe to email you again and it builds up my confidence and my courage for the semana to come. I love you all and cant wait to see you all again but as of right now i need to loose myself in the work. (kind of hard when i dont know the language) But i will learn it eventually. You cant spend two years in Brazil working as hard as missionaries do and not learn the language. Impossible.

I love you all!!!
Elder Cain!

p.s im sorry if i didnt talk about everything or mention everything but im out of time. Like i said, make a list so that i can just answer your questions in order and it will make things go so much faster. Thanks!!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay, so mom, dont worry about sending me anything right now and i dont remember my ring size sorry. It probably is the same size as Chris's. Anyways, dont send me anything cause i got my VISA and im going to Brazil tomorrow morning!! Im freaking out but if all else fails, i have the warm weather. I dont know if you got the package i sent home, but it was just a bunch of extra stuff i didnt really need and took up room in my suitcases.
Anyways, im not really sure what to talk about, cause i get to call you today sometime, i wasnt able to do it yesterday, so your work number will probably be best huh..
The story about grandma and that guy is really funny and i love it when stories come in about the most random things.
Gina, im sorry, you know soo many boys, i dont know how you deal with it! Thats exciting that your meeting more people though, how is college going? Also thanks so much for the christmas gift! It was awesome! I didnt know if i should send it home so it wouldnt get ruined but i figured i could take it with me so it could have a little adventure.
I actually doing have that much to talk about... Sorry! The classes were going great, my new companions are awesome (even though i had them for about a week before) but its great!! Probably my favorite companionship. The language is going, i know i shouldnt worry about it cause it will come but its always in the bask of my head, but i guess thats so i keep working diligently. We had some AWESOME talks for the fireside yesterday and it was exactly what i needed to here. at the end of the day, i reflected on why i was here and it was sooo apparent that i was needed to here the things that they said before i left and not only that but my entire experience here is the greatest. My teachers could never be better and it was kind of sad to think that i wouldnt see them for awhile. Thats okay though cause they get to deal with more loco's and more punks :).
Well, continue to send me letters, i love it! I hope you guys are having a great time at home and i think you send send links of pictures of the new house to me... not sure. Sorry i dont know the ring size but its whatever. I will continue to grow and learn and im super stoked to meet so many new people and brazilians!
Logan, eu quero tantar escriver em portugues, mas minha abilidade de soletrar es muito mal. Entao, eu presciso sua ajuda! Eu vou praticar todos dias para que eu puder estar melhor come portugues. eu sei que eu no fale muito bem, e tentano es muito mal, mas eu vou estar melhor. Voce vi probablement "laugh" a isto.... Im glad i can entertain you! Hahaha.
Tchau everyone! I hope your having a great time! I know i am.
Love Elder Cain.


Alright, well i probably wont be able to have enough time to say whatever i want to say, but i am just super exited to hear from all of you! I have about 10 minutes and an hour worth of things to say. In that case i will make a list. Best idea ever, maybe not. but ill try it anyways.
Lauren: The facebook stuff was halarious and im stoked that you guys are "becoming official". The MRSA outbrake is rediculous! I feel sooo bad for them! I miss ping pong like no other and even though i cant watch the video, i played it in my head and laugh out loud! Oh, well hello, the future is now! You should send me some more quote cause im forgetting them! Anyways, send me the gangs emails so i can attached them so they can keep up with whats going on.
Gina: Get it done. Im also glad grandma remembered you!
I am super excited that Keoni is walking, he is going to be so big when i come back. Grandma singing made me laugh cause i had no idea she could, and then just hums if she cant keep up. The thanksgiving package was great and i am overloaded with twix and trail mix. Thanks! Im also getting a new companion again... This is my 4th one and i am only suppose to have 1 this entire time. Awesome. He got his VISA so im hoping mine will come next. Thank you soo much for the family pictures, i love them! Oh! For thanksgiving, we had another apostle speek! This one was Russle M. Nelson! He is boss. They are soo amazing and they lift my spirit everytime one of them speak. Im just waiting for the prophet now, but that probably wont happen haha. For thanksgiving we all did a service project making boxes and emergency kits for the people in Tonga or somwhere random like that. I felt like an elf in santas factory. It was great! Anyways, i watched 17 Miracles!! I wasnted to watch that soo bad before i can and i finally got to see it. I was an usher this week for the fireside so i got to tell almost 2000 missionaries where to sit. That was legit. Also this week when new missionaries come in, i get to be a host and show some of them around and do what not.
Anyways, I hope my VISA comes soon and that i may be able to teach the people of Brasil. I love all of you and hop[e to hear from you comstantly :)
I would type in portuguese but i dont want to butcher the spelling (not like im already doing that with englesh but owell)
Well i got to go. Ill type next week! and hopefully you get a call this sunday saying that i got my VISA. oh i should probably get you cell number mom...
Love you all
Tchau! Elder Cain.


Okay so i hate how i dont have much time on the computure so i will try to type fast.
This week has been going really good! The language is going pretty good, and the missionaries are awesome! We realized that we dont like the Russians though, they are kind of mean, but thats because they are going to Russia...
Anyways, i tried to make a list of my week that were important or funny so i actually knew what to write about:
During one of my investigators i was explaining that when we were baptized we are baptized in water and are baptized by fire as well (The holy ghost). What i said was a little bit different. I said " Quando nos semos batizados, nos semos batizados em agua e para enferno..." When we are baptized, we are baptized in water and by Hell... Great!!! I had to explain that one a little bit more.
During this last Sunday, i had to give the prayer in front of everyone (i thought to myself, that is bad cause my eyes are closed and i cant see anyone, so i wasnt as nervous) Then i found out i was giving a talk! (freaking out a little bit more) After the talk, it went alright and i said what i needed to say in the language. That doesnt end, i had to sing a portuguese hymn with my district in front of everyone again! (Thats the most i ever want to be infront of a giant group, more than that ill probably pass out hahaha). I wish i liked talking in front of people, cause then i would have no problem. It was funny though.
I ran into Brother Chan and his wife this week! He was in choir with me and i talked with him, and we took some pictures, idk if he sent them to you but yeah.. I also say Tanner Call! It was pretty sweet.
Oh and every week we have to memorized something the first week was our purposem then we had to say it in portuguese, then the week after we had to memorize the first vision in portuguese. The next few weeks we have to memorise Section 4 in the D&C! Its really sad cause i know how to say it all in portuguese but i couldnt say it in ingles to save my life!
My favorite food as of right now (as great as the food can get here) is a bowl of croutons with a little bit of ranch.
Im super stoked to recieve the package and i look for it everyday to come, i really excited for the family pictures! Are you going to send me copies of all of them?
Oh also a funny story. Okay so my Irmao teacher is sooo sweet, and we joke around with him all the time. We started talking pictures in class and i told him the he was probably going to go home and put them on facebook. And that led into a conversation about facebook, and i got super excited because i realized that Gina could friend request him and mess with him! So i wrote to Gina and she actually did, and one day he walks in and is like "Do any of you know a Gina!?" HAHA! Anyways, G thanks for that, you need to talk to him because he said he wont talk to you unless you start the convo. He took a huge bite out of my apple when i was gone. Yell at him :D.
Also, just want to say the Ensign is the best magazine ever, and i want to read all of them. (i only have 5 minutes left so im summerizing)
The district Prez, gave me his pen! Not that exciting but i have a new pen!
Anyways, i have a few more stories, during soccer were not suppose to head the ball for who knows what, but it came at my head so i headed it anyways, and everyone yelled "Heads!" and i told them it didnt matter cause it was just once, and as i turn around a guy on my team kicked the ball and it hit me in the crotch! Accident of course, but i learned my lesson.
Also, when daylight savings time came around, we set our  clocks ahead on accident and i woke up at 4 in the morning thinking it was 6 and took a shower and got ready before someone realized what i was doing... That was awesome.
Well, it almost time. Im in the process of making a mormon.org profile and want to doing family history and stuff so when i go through the temple, i can complete some ordinances for our ancestors! I think that would be sooo sweet!
Also mom, i want to know your conversion story cause everyone knows their parents, but i realized i didnt know... so yeah.
I love you all and miss you!! Im having a great time and the Lord knows exactly where im at with everything at everytime. So im protected. You are all in my prayers and im stoked to go out into the field.
Tchau! Elder Cain!
P.S mel, the story about keldon is HALARIOUS!


This week has been amazing! This was probably the most productive week so far. The language was clicking during the lessons and the spiriual experiences were amazing. I just want to say i love my teachers so much. They are all amazing and its rediculous how much you can learn from them. I forgot to grab my journal from the room as im writing this so i cant remember the big aspects of this week, but i can tell you there were many. Oh, by the way if i send you pictures and im not smiling and making a weird face, thats normal, cause i havnt been able to make a normal face for some reason, i always have the urge to look rediculous. Im also going to send some pictures home so i can have them when i come back. It would be great if you made a binder and kept all the things i sent home. Also in the package that you were talking about sending here. i want you to add a few things. I forgot to grab the stamps that were in the car, so if you could send me stamps that would be awesome. I also dont want that much candy so twix would be just fine. Other than that, the dear elder ones are great but they load it with candy and i never eat it... The date 11-11-11 11:11 was funny, everyone went crazy for about 5 seconds and then went back to studying like nothing happened. Nothing really exciting happens here so we make a big deal out of the little things. I guess thats good because when i get out in the real world, ill appreciate the little things more often.
Okay well through the middle of my email, the computer shut down, luckly i saved a little bit of it. I kind of forgot what i was going to say though...
The paragraph that you sent to me in portuguese kind of made sense. there were a few words that i had to look up but i got the gist of it. Thank you for that. Im doing great, and im have a fabulous time here at the MTC and I miss you guys too! This is a great experience and im soo happy i made this descision.
Oh that reminds me. I havent recieved my VISA yet so im still stuck here, but im pretty sure they are holding it because thats what they did with these other elders i was talking to. I dont really mind staying at the Provo MTC but its getting cold here!! Its been 5 weeks  so i have 4 more to go. Its getting down to the wire and im getting a little anxious and nervous but it will be awesomesauce.
The story that you told me about grandma was halarious and im greatful for everything her and grandpa have given me. Everytime i go to the temple i feel like im sitting with them in the celestial room and its the geratest feeling ever. It kind of stinks leaving the temple everytime but i know i can go back next week. It makes me wish and hope that one day we can go into the temple as a family or atleast with you mom, and feel the spirit and the blessings that He has given us, but it would take some work. I know if it is a true desire, it can be a piece of cake with the lords help.
Im so thankful for my family, you guys have helped me out alot even though i may not express it that well. This experience has opened my eyes and my heart towards you all and im excited to share all the things that i learned when i come home. Its awesome that Natalie is back in school, that must be tough with little K. Ive been praying for her and the rest of you, and one quote that came to mind that i thought of is, The Lord doesnt doubt you, so why should you doubt yourselves? Its great that you guys are moving into a new house and im excited to see it. Youll have to se3nd pictures of it when you move in. That reminds me, im supper stoked to get family pictures cause i havnt really recieved any.. And you can send packages  anytime. I just cant get my mail after 2 on saturday until monday afternoon.
Anyways,, my time is almost up. I thank all of you for your support and i couldnt have made it here without you.
Tchau! Elder Cain
P.S. Jovi, thanks for the hat bromontana! Also if you could send this to others, i forgot to grab their email... i feel bad. (C Morgan, and others)


Okay so this is actually the first letter that ive been able to send because i didnt have anyone email. Dumb, i know. Anyways your story was halarious and i feel bad for that whole situation! hahaha. And that is soo sick that you learned all of that, youll be so good when i come back we can tumble together and it will be awsome. Oh and i have to type this fast because  im suppose to be doing a lesson but i havnt been able to send a single email the entire time ive been here, so if i make alot of mistakes, that because i didnt care to go back and change them.. Your wisdom teeth are getting pulled a manha, thats terrible. Disculpe. As for the tree situation, i cant walk that far so any tree in between the parking lot and the round building would be great. we walk on the trail that goes on the other side by the field. the best time to put something there would be mondays before 9 cause thats when we go to the temple. anyways, there have been alot of interesting things that happen here. i pretty much molested a foreigner cause he was holding up a skeleton and his tie went through the hip bone part so it was stivking out, and i go to fondle his tie, not knowing it was right next to his crotch and he was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Thats was pretty embarrassing but were all good now.
So there were a few things i wanted you to do but i cant really rememeber them. I need you to send me my moms email. and also sent me some addresses from friends like dalton and jovi and them cause i dont have them. im sure you can find that all through facebook, or asking. Also my teachers are awesome and if you want to try to find them, the irmao nome es logan paulich, he goes to BYU and he teaches for the MTC of course. He is soo cool, i feel like at the end of each class i can call him up and hang out but thats not the case haha. Anyways, i hope you girls are having a great time at BYU and tell them to send me some dear elder letters! or a care package with a bunch of random stuff in it haha.
Well, i should probably go, the most important thing is to get my moms email... so yeah. voce tenta.

p.s i feel like i suck at portuguese but i guess ill learn it over two years. were doing a thing called SYL today which we can only speak in portuguese and ive just been quuite most the day cause i dont know any words!! I just know how to give lessons in portuguese and even that is pretty hard. Anyways, i hope to talk with you guys again!! Love you all! (also im super jealous Prez. Monson gave a talk at BYU, luckies!

Elder Cain