Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, December 5, 2011


Alright, well i probably wont be able to have enough time to say whatever i want to say, but i am just super exited to hear from all of you! I have about 10 minutes and an hour worth of things to say. In that case i will make a list. Best idea ever, maybe not. but ill try it anyways.
Lauren: The facebook stuff was halarious and im stoked that you guys are "becoming official". The MRSA outbrake is rediculous! I feel sooo bad for them! I miss ping pong like no other and even though i cant watch the video, i played it in my head and laugh out loud! Oh, well hello, the future is now! You should send me some more quote cause im forgetting them! Anyways, send me the gangs emails so i can attached them so they can keep up with whats going on.
Gina: Get it done. Im also glad grandma remembered you!
I am super excited that Keoni is walking, he is going to be so big when i come back. Grandma singing made me laugh cause i had no idea she could, and then just hums if she cant keep up. The thanksgiving package was great and i am overloaded with twix and trail mix. Thanks! Im also getting a new companion again... This is my 4th one and i am only suppose to have 1 this entire time. Awesome. He got his VISA so im hoping mine will come next. Thank you soo much for the family pictures, i love them! Oh! For thanksgiving, we had another apostle speek! This one was Russle M. Nelson! He is boss. They are soo amazing and they lift my spirit everytime one of them speak. Im just waiting for the prophet now, but that probably wont happen haha. For thanksgiving we all did a service project making boxes and emergency kits for the people in Tonga or somwhere random like that. I felt like an elf in santas factory. It was great! Anyways, i watched 17 Miracles!! I wasnted to watch that soo bad before i can and i finally got to see it. I was an usher this week for the fireside so i got to tell almost 2000 missionaries where to sit. That was legit. Also this week when new missionaries come in, i get to be a host and show some of them around and do what not.
Anyways, I hope my VISA comes soon and that i may be able to teach the people of Brasil. I love all of you and hop[e to hear from you comstantly :)
I would type in portuguese but i dont want to butcher the spelling (not like im already doing that with englesh but owell)
Well i got to go. Ill type next week! and hopefully you get a call this sunday saying that i got my VISA. oh i should probably get you cell number mom...
Love you all
Tchau! Elder Cain.

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