Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, December 19, 2011


I am sooo sorry that i wasnt able to call. They wouldnt let me call at the MTC because they said i already sent you an email. I did buy a calling card but the phone at the airport took all my minutes and it didnt work so i wasnt able to call.

Also, for christmas, i get to skype on christmas around  pm your time. It will probably be around 2 or so my time. You need to make an account and have gine or someone help you do this RIGHT AWAY. I think it may be the only way i can contact you on christmas. I will be on my companions account because i didnt make one (sorry i didnt know we could skype) and so you need to add him as a friend or whatever you do. Gina knows what to do i think. If not, you guys are smart and can figure it out.

The account is
User name:

Brasil is crazy! i dont know how to say anything and everyone is talking sooo fast. It is scary for sure but i know that the lord will help and never leave me alone. Not only is this the toughest thing i have ever done but i have to really on my faith and i have to have faith to help me through every single day. Days i feel like giving up, i just say to myself, have faith and the lord will take care of the rest. I dont know how many times ive had to say that to myself but it works.

I can only read and write in portuguese here so when i read the scriptures i dont really understand what its saying so i cant really use those to help lift my spirits. I think im going to read a tiny bit in ingles because i need to rely on the scriptures and i cant so that if i dont know what the scriptures say hahaha.

Brasil is very different and the living is hard. its very hard when our power has gone out too. Our showers are freesing and we have to study with one flashlight. I havent been able to wash my clothes so they smell a little bit. Oh and apperently you cant flush your toilet paper. Muito strange. Anyways, you dont have to worry about any of that because im not. The church wouldnt give us living conditions we wouldnt be able to survive with hahaha.

The people here are great escpecially the memebers, i can actually understand them the best and its very conforting when i can understand what they are saying. Im learning new words every day and i feel dumb everyday but thats how i learn hahaha. Teaching is a different experience too cause i dont realy know how to talk that much right now. It will come with time.

I would love to have the email adresses of all my friends and people that i have emails for because i can only write letters to respond to people other than family. Entao, conversation with them will be long and slow but thats okay, you have my emails to look forward too.

My companions name is elder deurst and he has been here for about 6 and a half months, so im hoping i can be like him and say whatever i want to say in portuguese by then. I would probably die without him so i am sooo greatfull for my companion haha. He knows exactly what to do and what to teach. He is a great example to look up to.

Im not really sure what i want to say or what i need to say but i have like 10 minutes left so i will keep typing until i cant type anymore. That reminds me, you should list off questions you want me to answere cause i have no idea what you want to hear about or what i have already written cause i dont have time to look back at emails or anything.

Oh for packages and cartas you send them to this address:

Elder Marcus Cain
Brazil Goiañia Missão
Rua 18 NO. 110, Ed Buissiness Center, Salas 1105-1107
Sestos Oeste
CEF: 74120-080

I am looking forward to everyones letters because you have no idea how uplifting they are. I need letters :)

I am soo happy to hear that the family is doing great and what everyone is doing right now. Its great to hear about everyone and i am continuing tohave all my family in friends in my prayers. I know as i do the lord work he will help bless me and my family. Keep going strong and i will continue to try my hardest. Its a HUGE relief to know that you will be able to get this email today so you dont have to worry about whether im okay or not. Im okay. I actually started tearing up because when i rad your email i could feel the tension of not being able to hear from me. Thats why its very important that i can talk with you on christmas Please make an account and if you need to sit by the computer for awhile untill the account pops up. Please do.

Things i want you to send. I know i said dont send food but thats because we ate constantly at the MTC.
I want you to send food!!! Types of food i would like.
Food that doesnt mold or get gross while traveling.
i like pop tarts
And whatever types of snacks that would be good to have.

The snacks here are very interesting and kind of cost alot. The meals, definitely almoço is the best!!!

Anyways, i cant wait for the next time i can email, its a huge reliefe to email you again and it builds up my confidence and my courage for the semana to come. I love you all and cant wait to see you all again but as of right now i need to loose myself in the work. (kind of hard when i dont know the language) But i will learn it eventually. You cant spend two years in Brazil working as hard as missionaries do and not learn the language. Impossible.

I love you all!!!
Elder Cain!

p.s im sorry if i didnt talk about everything or mention everything but im out of time. Like i said, make a list so that i can just answer your questions in order and it will make things go so much faster. Thanks!!

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