Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay so i hate how i dont have much time on the computure so i will try to type fast.
This week has been going really good! The language is going pretty good, and the missionaries are awesome! We realized that we dont like the Russians though, they are kind of mean, but thats because they are going to Russia...
Anyways, i tried to make a list of my week that were important or funny so i actually knew what to write about:
During one of my investigators i was explaining that when we were baptized we are baptized in water and are baptized by fire as well (The holy ghost). What i said was a little bit different. I said " Quando nos semos batizados, nos semos batizados em agua e para enferno..." When we are baptized, we are baptized in water and by Hell... Great!!! I had to explain that one a little bit more.
During this last Sunday, i had to give the prayer in front of everyone (i thought to myself, that is bad cause my eyes are closed and i cant see anyone, so i wasnt as nervous) Then i found out i was giving a talk! (freaking out a little bit more) After the talk, it went alright and i said what i needed to say in the language. That doesnt end, i had to sing a portuguese hymn with my district in front of everyone again! (Thats the most i ever want to be infront of a giant group, more than that ill probably pass out hahaha). I wish i liked talking in front of people, cause then i would have no problem. It was funny though.
I ran into Brother Chan and his wife this week! He was in choir with me and i talked with him, and we took some pictures, idk if he sent them to you but yeah.. I also say Tanner Call! It was pretty sweet.
Oh and every week we have to memorized something the first week was our purposem then we had to say it in portuguese, then the week after we had to memorize the first vision in portuguese. The next few weeks we have to memorise Section 4 in the D&C! Its really sad cause i know how to say it all in portuguese but i couldnt say it in ingles to save my life!
My favorite food as of right now (as great as the food can get here) is a bowl of croutons with a little bit of ranch.
Im super stoked to recieve the package and i look for it everyday to come, i really excited for the family pictures! Are you going to send me copies of all of them?
Oh also a funny story. Okay so my Irmao teacher is sooo sweet, and we joke around with him all the time. We started talking pictures in class and i told him the he was probably going to go home and put them on facebook. And that led into a conversation about facebook, and i got super excited because i realized that Gina could friend request him and mess with him! So i wrote to Gina and she actually did, and one day he walks in and is like "Do any of you know a Gina!?" HAHA! Anyways, G thanks for that, you need to talk to him because he said he wont talk to you unless you start the convo. He took a huge bite out of my apple when i was gone. Yell at him :D.
Also, just want to say the Ensign is the best magazine ever, and i want to read all of them. (i only have 5 minutes left so im summerizing)
The district Prez, gave me his pen! Not that exciting but i have a new pen!
Anyways, i have a few more stories, during soccer were not suppose to head the ball for who knows what, but it came at my head so i headed it anyways, and everyone yelled "Heads!" and i told them it didnt matter cause it was just once, and as i turn around a guy on my team kicked the ball and it hit me in the crotch! Accident of course, but i learned my lesson.
Also, when daylight savings time came around, we set our  clocks ahead on accident and i woke up at 4 in the morning thinking it was 6 and took a shower and got ready before someone realized what i was doing... That was awesome.
Well, it almost time. Im in the process of making a mormon.org profile and want to doing family history and stuff so when i go through the temple, i can complete some ordinances for our ancestors! I think that would be sooo sweet!
Also mom, i want to know your conversion story cause everyone knows their parents, but i realized i didnt know... so yeah.
I love you all and miss you!! Im having a great time and the Lord knows exactly where im at with everything at everytime. So im protected. You are all in my prayers and im stoked to go out into the field.
Tchau! Elder Cain!
P.S mel, the story about keldon is HALARIOUS!

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