Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, December 5, 2011


This week has been amazing! This was probably the most productive week so far. The language was clicking during the lessons and the spiriual experiences were amazing. I just want to say i love my teachers so much. They are all amazing and its rediculous how much you can learn from them. I forgot to grab my journal from the room as im writing this so i cant remember the big aspects of this week, but i can tell you there were many. Oh, by the way if i send you pictures and im not smiling and making a weird face, thats normal, cause i havnt been able to make a normal face for some reason, i always have the urge to look rediculous. Im also going to send some pictures home so i can have them when i come back. It would be great if you made a binder and kept all the things i sent home. Also in the package that you were talking about sending here. i want you to add a few things. I forgot to grab the stamps that were in the car, so if you could send me stamps that would be awesome. I also dont want that much candy so twix would be just fine. Other than that, the dear elder ones are great but they load it with candy and i never eat it... The date 11-11-11 11:11 was funny, everyone went crazy for about 5 seconds and then went back to studying like nothing happened. Nothing really exciting happens here so we make a big deal out of the little things. I guess thats good because when i get out in the real world, ill appreciate the little things more often.
Okay well through the middle of my email, the computer shut down, luckly i saved a little bit of it. I kind of forgot what i was going to say though...
The paragraph that you sent to me in portuguese kind of made sense. there were a few words that i had to look up but i got the gist of it. Thank you for that. Im doing great, and im have a fabulous time here at the MTC and I miss you guys too! This is a great experience and im soo happy i made this descision.
Oh that reminds me. I havent recieved my VISA yet so im still stuck here, but im pretty sure they are holding it because thats what they did with these other elders i was talking to. I dont really mind staying at the Provo MTC but its getting cold here!! Its been 5 weeks  so i have 4 more to go. Its getting down to the wire and im getting a little anxious and nervous but it will be awesomesauce.
The story that you told me about grandma was halarious and im greatful for everything her and grandpa have given me. Everytime i go to the temple i feel like im sitting with them in the celestial room and its the geratest feeling ever. It kind of stinks leaving the temple everytime but i know i can go back next week. It makes me wish and hope that one day we can go into the temple as a family or atleast with you mom, and feel the spirit and the blessings that He has given us, but it would take some work. I know if it is a true desire, it can be a piece of cake with the lords help.
Im so thankful for my family, you guys have helped me out alot even though i may not express it that well. This experience has opened my eyes and my heart towards you all and im excited to share all the things that i learned when i come home. Its awesome that Natalie is back in school, that must be tough with little K. Ive been praying for her and the rest of you, and one quote that came to mind that i thought of is, The Lord doesnt doubt you, so why should you doubt yourselves? Its great that you guys are moving into a new house and im excited to see it. Youll have to se3nd pictures of it when you move in. That reminds me, im supper stoked to get family pictures cause i havnt really recieved any.. And you can send packages  anytime. I just cant get my mail after 2 on saturday until monday afternoon.
Anyways,, my time is almost up. I thank all of you for your support and i couldnt have made it here without you.
Tchau! Elder Cain
P.S. Jovi, thanks for the hat bromontana! Also if you could send this to others, i forgot to grab their email... i feel bad. (C Morgan, and others)

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