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Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Years!! Its weird but awesome to thing that i get to spend this entire year doing to lords work and not have to worry about anything other than that. My comp and i get along really well, i dont really havemuch to say ever so we dont talk a whole lot but i like him, he is a good leader. He reminds my of chris but in a more nerdy way.

Okay so for the New Year, we dont get to do anything cause i still have to be in bed by 1030 so yeah... not much other than sleep. But once 12:00am came around, you couldnt sleep. Its sounded like 创um zona de guerras创 (probably spelt wrong) but a zone of wars. Its was rediculous!! For about 20 minutes straight it sounded like gunshots and bombs because brasilians here like like noises, and dont have flashy fogos artificias. I was trying to count cause i had nothing else to do but listen to them and it was impossible. I figured that there was about 3 explosions per second (my area is kind of like a bowl so you can here something from far away.) Crazy!! 

Anyways, i wrote some things down for this week.

Oh youll be proud of this one. I cleaned and scrubbed all of my white shirts. The part that goes around your neck. Sothey are all shiny and clean. 
We have a few pets in our house. Lizards. Kind of cool. I named them, we have 3. Pia (lives by the sink) Muro (lives on the wall outside) and Mesa (She is the newest cause i just found her yesterday. She lives on the table behind some stuff) Its kind of nice because i can learn new words cause i name them after the things in portuguese.

Oh to answer your question about the safety. Its completely safe here. There is only one part the kind of freaks me out at night but we are never over there. Other than that, everyone is super friendly. they are either walking home or sitting outside drinking haha. (probably not funny, but they are kind.)

Also! we were doing street contacts and we were talking with this guy and he knows that everything is true, joseph smith, o livro de m髍mon, and everything cause he is friends with one of the quarem of the seventy! I think he said Ceasar.. Ayways, he isnt a member because 创his heart belongs to catholics创 cause he was grown up as catholic. It didnt make any sense to me because if gods church was on the earth, why you remain in a church of um homem.. Owell.

Also, another lesson we were teaching was about children and baptism when they are babies or super young. The obvious is that they cant sin because they dont know any better and that its a choice, and they cant make that choice cause they dont really know what it is. I also learned that when you make this covenant, its a covenant sobre salvation, but a kids can read about salvation nor can they learn cause they wont know what it is. (Something like that, i knew in the moment.) Also Reading Moroni chapter 8 helped.

Teaching pastors/fathers is frustrating.

Also, a little bit about the culture here. is everyone is religous which is good. But also everyone says Gra鏰s a Dues. EVERYONE. Its really funny. Everytime i smile a little when someone says it. Even little kids say it when we asked them how they are doing. 创Tudo bem, gra鏰s a Dues创. Haha funny.

Oh also, things about the CTM in Sao paulo i forgot to mention. An elder that i met there was a kid that my teacher in provo baptised! Sister Ririe磗 investigaator from a while back. not sure exactly but i thought that was cool. ALSO, Elder Manave, another elder that i met, and his friend or roommate, are from Mo鏰mbique. And guess who they know... Trent Mccullough!! I thought that was soo cool. 

Well, i think thats all i really had written down. But i still have time to type.

Diarrhea is of the Devil. (probably dont need to send that to everyone)

Oh, the food here is super goos and i figured out how to make some of it. Its actually really easy. The desserts are super good too and really simple. I usually just make them ffor snacks cause its not am elaborate dessert but good. 

Learning the language is difficult, but i know i can do it or else i wouldnt have been called to serve in Brasil. Im learning everyday whether it be about the culture, living, gospel, or language. With the language im happy if i learn only one new word a day. Its improvement. As long as i dont move backwards haha. 

Anyways, i hope you guys hade a great New Years!! Im kind of jealous that you have time to just sit and do puzzels. I love puzzels during christmas or winter. I have better things todo right now and i can so all the puzzles in the world when i get back. Right now i get excited when i find time to study. Its strange. Well i have to go buy some food, and clean the house and other fun stuff!! Ill write another email next week!!

Tchau! Elder Cain.

P.S. I have a New Years Meta por everyone... Write me a letter.

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