Elder Marcus Cain

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Entao, eu estava tentando enviar miad fotos mas, its very slow when i
was trying to send multiple. So i came up with a great idea!! Foto of
the week! I will have fotos from the mtc because i have to catch up on
the past pictures. Mas, here is the foto of this week!

Anyways, i have so freatful for the support that i have back at home,
i am also super grateful for the letters! Its like christmas
everytime. I dont have much time this week to write an email because i
was trying to figure out the picture thing, so my sentences will be
brief about what happened this week.

First, I laughed and was super excited to here that you found pictures
and journals about your great great grandpa. Thats one thing i am
looking forward to when i return. I wasnt to do family research and
coises com isso so i have names to take to the temple and can do
ordenances for them like grandpa or whoever else!! Todas as pessoas
no mundo!
I usually do emails around 11 am here in brasil. And there is no other
address or i will have no other address while i am here. The address
all letters and packages will go the the mission building.
Its funny to here about the weather there and how cold it is because
right now i have a watch tan line :) I actually got one my 3rd week in
the field. I have you all are enduring the freezing temperatures!

Entao, para esta semana:
I figured out how to send pictures! Apperently. I realized that i
didnt have to buy something because the cord was connects to the
outlet the entire time so i was able to use that for my USB cord.
Finished a project to help me with the Plan of Salvation and im
working on other little projects like it. Drawings, timelines, coiasas
com isso. It reminds me of work when i worked with criancas. Using my
talents sempre.
This week i spent a few days in another area with a brasilian because
our ditrict leader had to stay with my comp for a little to see how he
was doing missionary leader wise. Nao Sei. Mas the experience was
awesome! Working this a brasilian is so much easier because i can
forget ingles and not have to worry about saying things wrong and
feeling stupid. hahaha.
Oh, also the elder used my guarda chuva and lost it some how so had
to buy a new umbrella. Something interesting about that was, when he
lost it, it stopped raining, which was a miracle, and then started
raining after i was able to buy a new umbrella a few days later haha!
We have a a baptismal date for a few people!! INTENSE. Its hard for
them to keep commitments though because the church is kind of far away
and its alot of work for them. But if they have a true desire, they
will go and the lord will help them.
This week during one of our lessons, they people wanted to here me
pray in my native language and have my comp translate. SO HARD! I kept
saying portuguese words and had to talk slow because i have to think
about the words i say alot in pportuguese in ingles.
Anyways, i have to go now, I love you all and hope that you all are
having a great winter!. I will write more proximo ves when i have
Tchau! Elder Cain!

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