Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, January 9, 2012


This experience is rediculous. What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. okay thats a bit of an overstatement here but its sooo exhausting. Its awesome. We do need to return for the world cup, that would be the coolest thing ever! Anyways, im glad to here everyone is doing great, and i like to here more about everyone like that, its more entertaining and i can be apart of the family while im away when i know what everyone is doing haha. Great job Nat!! Keep going strong in school and youll be the top dog facialist massage woman.. dont know what its called. I want to do hot yoga with you mom again after i get back. That what really cool, we need to to more things like that. Its great to hear Carlton is taking online classes, what is he studying, or what does he want to do? I cant believe your already moving, thats crazy, its great to get it done. One thing i learned from this is time management and its probably the most important thing. That and planning. Thanks for picking out my room for when i get back. Im sure i wont have probably adjusting to a new house when i get back after traveling constantly here.

Thats awesome that the missionaries stopped by at Nats house! Next time invite them in when you have time and talk! Not for too long though, cause they have things to do. I have so much respect for missionaries now that i am one. Im trying to think of more tips when you come in contact with them. Just be nice and dont accept a commitment like going to church or something unless your actually going to do it! Really frustrating when we invite the whole world and no one shows. Also, it would be great to talk with them about missionaries cause you can learn more about what im doing, but let them teach lessons or else your wasting their time hahaha. Oh and read O livro de Mormon! Its soooo great!!

Not sure what to do about that care but we wil figure something out when i get back. Language is coming. Not as fast as i would like. But its coming. My companeiro thinks im an idiot cause i dont learn fast. He is super smart though so its not fair hahaha. We just need to work on patients. I didnt try the pencil thing because first i need to figure out how to read and pronunciate tambem. Thanks for sending me the packages! I cant wait for them to arrive. I have time to read the letters, just send me hand written ones tambem so i have something to do when im not doing anything haha. I need to buy something to send pictures through email, if i cant, ill just save them for right now until i figure it out. Ill probably find a way when i can comunicate more and understand what i need to do.

Anyways, about my week. I realized that its alot easier to keep track of whats going on through email and not a journal so im using this as my outro journal. The other one is for daily thoughts i guess.

I love Brasil because they listen to american music too!! We will be walking down the street and ill here Adele/ Bob Marley/ or Coldplay and start singing along. I probably shouldnt but i cant help it. Its makes me soo happy haha.

Oh i have a question. Did you recieve a picture through email from the CTM in sao paulo sobre a pictura com the mission president?

I did my federal poilicia thing this week so i would go to jail and and i can stay in Brasil!! Great news yeah!?

Oh i saw my first Brasilian Midget (anĂ¡o). They are the same here just Brasilian.

Oh goodness. This week we had an even worst rainstorm. It rained so hard that the water was penetrating through my guardachuva and getting me wet. Also the ground was covered in water so when the water hit, it was getting my pants wet. It also didnt help that the rain was coming sideways getting my shirt wet. Rediculous. With the hills here, the water formed rivers down the streets, and when i stepped in the streets, it was like 3 inches and flowing so it got my shoes andd socks soaked. We kiind of had to walk through a 3 foot pond of water because it floaded the street. I called that day O Rio nas Ruas. The River in the streets. (i think)

Oh i also farted during a lesson. The man was old so i dont think he heard. (dont need to send that to everone)

My dreams are brasilian but all thats missing is the language. Its funny because in my dreams i only speak portuguese when im teaching other people, or leanring. Its strange.

This week i found 70 Reais in my scriptures! I guess i forgot i put it there. Reading pays off!! Haha thats bad, but its really does, in blessing :)
Well, im glad to here that everything is going great! Im holding up and trying hard, everyweek im learning and growing. I hope you all are praying for all the missionaries because this work is not easy. I cant wait to get another email from you next week. I need to go buy food now. Tchau! Elder Cain

Oh also send me the addresses of Gina/Carla/Dalton/Shyla Godinez/ (Makes sure the addresses are correct.) make sure my emails are getting to Chrissy Morgan, and tell her she can send these emails to whoever she wants like the Haueters/Mccoulloughs, ect. Thanks!!!

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