Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, January 23, 2012


Aghhh! I dont even know what to say about the weather there! Thats insane, i hope everyone is doing alright. Ill i could think of when you told me about everything shutting down, is that is why the prophet told us to get a food storrage. I have a feeling that its probably going to get worse over the years. Mas, when we listen to the prophet and hear the words, we know that God is speaking to us and wont have to worry about anything.
I cant believe you wrote that email in your new house! Already!! Its crazy how fast that was. I havnt even been gone for that long! Or atleast it feels like it. Im glad everyone is loving the new house and that Hayden is working hard with work. Also, i forgot about the message that i left for you, but i remember writing it. Weird.
Im glad that the family is starting to spend more time together. I pray everyday for this because i remember when i was little how happy we were when we had family home evening, cooking desserts playing games and just feeling gods love for us. |Awesome stuff.
I started crying when you told me about grandpa because i know he is with us always. All he wants is to be happy and recieve as much joy as we can on this earth. I know that through this gosple and throught the ordanances we can have a fullness of happiness. (I just realized my grammer and everything is pretty bad, discuple).

Anyways, this week has been pretty normal. When i say normal, its usualy crazy but everyday is like that so its normal for me.
I did my first service project and used a wheelbarrel and moved a bunch of dirt for this member so they could build a house. Its was so much fun because we had music and i started singing and had lunch afterwards. Great stuff.
Also, im starting to learn how to make a dessert or somthing the eat every week. Ill make some of the stuff when i get back. Im supper excited to come back and make stuff for thanksgiving and christmas.
Im starting to learn and understand what people are saying alot more, but onee thing thats irritating is my accent. I hvae a super strang accent still so they cant really understand me. Owell, over a period of time i will lose it. Hopefully.
Also with my companion we are starting to sing a hymn everymorning. Its sooooo bad. Im pretty sure when Heaving Father listens He is embarrassed for us. Its that bad.
I am trying to write cards for eveyone that writes to me but with not much time i cant write to everyone is a week, so sorry if you havnt gotten one from me yet!
Anyways, i dont really have much to say for this week.

The picture of the week is from the MTC in provo, i have to catch up on the photos i couldnt send in the past so you will get some of brazil in a little bit. I will send one next week, its the coolest picture every and is as Brazilian as it can get.

I love you all and cant wait to here more about how everyone is doing!!
Tchau! Elder Cain

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