Elder Marcus Cain

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Okay, so i cant send pictures or anything right now because i left it all at te house. Today for PDAY we played ´soccer´! It was okayed by the mission president and we didnt have goalies. I thought it was iffy but soo much fun. They said i was álmost´ brasilian haha. 

Anyways, about the baptism! I actually had 1 and a half, but ill explain the half next week cause i dont have time. Entao, this guy sent a letter to the prophet because he needed permission to be baptised. He sent the letter almost 2 years ago and finally got a reply!! What a milagre to be here when he recieved the letter. I dont understand why i had to be here when he recieved it but it was amazing. Not only that, but the Mission President came to the baptism too because it was a huge deal! Mission presidents never come to baptisms! Anyways, i thjought that was pretty cool. Ill explain the other baptism next time because i actually had something to do with the other one.

I havnt gotten the package yet, ill wait another week because we have to wait untill one of the zone leaders goes to goiania to get all of our mail and packages. im excited to recieve it though.

You need to send pictures sobre a casa porque i want to so it! Both of the houses, the old and the new that chris and mel are working on. For my room, i like grey brown and green, more tropical foresty colors, como my room back at home minus the blue. I didnt really like the blue. Anyways, you need to teach mylo a lesson. i realised all of our pets are soooo spoiled back at home. Here they could care less sobre their pets haha. 

I actually did see the cruise ship incodent because when i was at a members house they had it one the tv, i didnt hear anything or watch for very long. I only read the subtitles so i could understand what happened haha. That reminds me, the language is coming better but these last few days have been poopy because im super tired. Anywyas, i dont have anymore time, next week will be a better week for emailing. 

I hope all of you are dfoing great and i cant wait to here from you guys next week.! Tchao!
Elder Cain

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