Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, February 13, 2012


Sorry no picture this week :(

I love the letters!! Thank you so much for all the support and im
excited to hear how everyone is doing.
This letter will be short and sweet because i dont have much time.
The letters are getting longer that i recieve so the letters i will
send will be a little shorter. I love it though, i rather read than
write :). So a list of this that happened this week.

I recieved the package from mom! Thank you for all of the stuff that
you sent and i love the house, you will have a great time making it a
home for afamily activities. a ferw things ab out packages. You
dont have to put stickers are anything and it was funny because when i
recieved it, every one was asking me if my mom was catholic because
of this stickers and one phrase that you put on there for pray
always, only catholics use hahaha. Also, DO NOT INSURE PACKAGES. I
wont recieve them, or i have to pay alot of money to recieve them.
Also dont send candy anymore, i feel sick everytime i eat it, probably
because im acostumado to brazil and i also walk alot so its not very
good to eat. Send healthy snacks :) Also send peanut butter normal, i
can use that for more things.
Also brazilians always ask for books of mormon in english because
they are learning english when we learn portuguese. So ask
missionaries local for books of mormon and send them my way!!!
Love the ring, and it fits!! thanks!
Oh and mom, remember when i had dificulties tying a tie before i left.
I can tie a tie perfecto now and i actually learn a cool way (royal
knot) and taught my district and each of my companions and a few
members of the church here :) Im pro now.
oh!!! Something awesome is happening starting next week!! Ill b e
teaching inglish with my companion for members at the church and for
anyone who will show. We will have about 20 people!! Its going to be
Oh I can also accept fotos so if you want to send them through the
computer if that will be easier, do so.
This week i learned how to make a vitamine de abocate!! smoothie of
advocado. Sooooo good. and really really easy.
Things to send in packages:
Hymn book in portugues!
syrup for pan cakes
pens, i will always need pens in black blue and red
toothpaste (things like this are expensive)
zip lock bags!! Its always wet and my books get damp
No gum, cant really use.
Air freshoner spray. Always need. Missionaries smell bad. If they
dont, the house does.
and white index cards.
Just a few things that i can always use or need, so if you want to
send when you send the next package mom. Here is a list
ALSO, one thing that is awesome here, have you heard of the book
Kiterunner? Anyways its when they have kites, they put glass on the
string a nd they have a bunch opf people go out and have a mini war
with the kites. They cut the strings of the other kites and the
last one flying wins!! THEY DO THAT HERE! Its soo cool.

Anyways, im having a blast and always learning. (this computer is
terrible and i dont have time to fix mistakes, sorry)
I love you all and im glad to here everyone is doing great!
Tchau Elder Cain.

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