Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hellooo!! Elder Cain speaking,

This week was a doozy, i dont know why but it was alot of work. Thats good thought because the weeks seem to go by faster when there is alot of work to do. 
Ill start  off with the things i forgot about last week:
I learned how to make somethings doce. Doce is desserts. I learned how to make pudim and moose. Pudim is sooo good and im excited to make it for family reunions and christmas and coisas com isso.
Oh and i dont actually have time to explain about the last baptism but i can tell you that i was meant to trade areas for a few days so that i could talk with her. She Baptised and she is actually in our area so i am able to teach her every week and i love it because i am actually learning so much through her. She has really good and tough questions that we are able to understand and teach about together. It sooo awesome! Its weird to think that ive learned more docterine and understood more docterin in portuguese than inglish. Probably not true but i feel like i have. 

Anyways, Im glad that things will the house are going well, its a huge project everytime to move but its like a fresh new start and i love it. im excited to return to a new house but hopefully wont stay for a long time because ill have college and good things like that. Oh, and you should wait untill natalie come down to help you i agree with her. Not saying you dont know how to buy the right furniture, just saying she is better :). You know us. Always need Natalie to buy things. 
I acant believe you bought an xbox kinect thats really funny. I can imagine you trying to play it haha. 
Its a huge blessing to know that you guys want to have more family time and are able to do that, ive been wanting to do that for awhile but havnt had the voice to actually speak up. Ive been praying alot about that and super excited.
Im always praying for you guys but i will be more specific when im praying so he can bless you guys even more and individually. I always have time to pray so it should be no problem :).
I didnt know grandma flooded her house because she was trying to take a shoewr by her self, that actually really funny! I probably shouldnt be laughing but i am.
I havnt recieved a package or any letters for 3 weeks so i dont know what is going on. I dont know if they have gone to goiania to pick them up or what, but im sure i will recieve that sooner or later. Its kind of hard to right letters when i dont know what to talk about or havnt recieved any, but ill try to continue to wright letters.
I love the people here. I just needed to say that haha. lately ive been able to understand a little more and able to talk a little more and its so much more fun when im able to do this! I cant ait untill im fluent and know what im talking about!!
Anyways, thank you soo much for the heads up on everything, its kind of sad that im already excited to recieve another letter. 

I hope all of you are doing great and ill talk with you next week!! 
Tchau! Elder Cain

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