Elder Marcus Cain

Monday, March 5, 2012


Notice!! My birthday is 10 April. (in a month´ish) and its takes about a month to recieve cards and packages. just saying... :)
Mom! you didnt get my email?! Agghhh what is with us and computures! Anyways, im sorry that natalie isnt there to help you with the house, none of the other guys cant really help you with the interior huh haha.
Mom, i want you to send pictures of the house now, so i can see it.
Dad.  I  think you would love it here in brazil. They really only use motos hahaha. They are crazy though weeving in and out of cars! And i already said that my missionary pic is with mom, i have the ones that i took with the Realife photography. There at the new house.
Segundo: Jeeze i have alot of things to say or tell.
-I made ice cream! Cooking here is a thousand times easier, all you have to use is a blender for everything! But i do have to say that i miss chinese food, they dont have that here....
-Also, everyone here knows how to speak a little bit of ingles because everyone moved to irelad for a little bit to work when the economy here was bad, so its interesting to here ther accents. Also, i want to visit ireland!
-We encountered a pay phone that is MAGIC! Here they use something called unidades and you need a card with so many unidades and it will count down everytime you use the payphone, but for this one pay phone in the city, its dont use any unidades so we can talk for hours and not pay for it! (not saying we talk for hours..)
-Another thing that everyone says here is ´neh´after every sentence! Its halarious!  for example:
(we always need to prey, neh. and through prayer we cant talk with god, neh, neh. And god will answer our prayers, neh. with certainty, NEH!) Its super funny and i almost laugh everytime.
I dont think ive talked about my compainion.. He is super smart... during highschool he had a 4.27, not sure thats even possible, he took 4 chemistry classes at once. Friends of him have scholarships to go to any college that they want. He doesnt like stupid people, and he doesnt play any sports.... So yeah, im dealing with that right now.. its not bad but he is a little awkward.
Also, when we ask if someone lives  with anymore ralatives and they live alone. they always say. ´´  Nope,  i live here alone with God.´´ They are completely serious too, straight face and everything. I smile everytime.
-Apparently chickens here projectile poo, because i walked past one and i think its got scared and pooped all over me! Not very cool. I dislike chickens here with a passion, they are super ugly too.
On a brighter side, we have 5 dates for baptisms!!! and we taught a lessons this morning and set a date for this weekend! Milagres!!
Anyways, i love hearing that everyone is doing great!! Keep up the great work, with whatever you all are doing, and ill do the same here! Ill continue to pray for everyone!! Loves and hugs for eveyone in the world! Ate proximo semana!!
Tchau Elder Cain

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